Making it easier for residents to participate in crafting policy will be my top priority.

Wilmington’s mayor and city council members are YOUR employees, but unfortunately too many regular folks feel their voices aren’t being heard.

I will lead by listening to you.

Developers and special interests seem to have unlimited access to city officials while residents are offered a scant few minutes of public comments at Council meetings and a couple dozen seats on various commissions and boards. This is inadequate to meet the goals of meaningful citizen engagement.

We can fix this.

I will take your input and work with the council to create policy that reflects the will of Wilmingtonians and not just special interests.

I will schedule regular listening sessions in different geographic areas and neighborhoods around the city, bringing the council and staff to the people in order to hear your concerns. I will use social media, advertising, and email to make sure you know about these meetings WELL IN ADVANCE so you can participate. I will also see that rezoning and special use requests by developers are more widely advertised than just a simple sign on a property for review. We have the communication technology -- we just need to exercise the will to use it.

I believe it is my job to make sure you know what is happening in your city government and your neighborhood.