Restoring justice and economic equity in our city can wait no longer.

Wilmington has been a tale of two cities when it comes to economic opportunity, and racial fairness. I served as a member of the NC-Legislature-appointed 1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission while serving as mayor in 2001 to 2003. This history is unique to our town. We own it and every resident should be aware of it. The Black citizens of Wimington had their wellness, their wealth, and their constitutional rights stolen from them by the forces of white supremacy.

Ensuring cradle-to-career education; safe, affordable housing; access to childcare and health resources; economic opportunity; and living wages for those who have not had access to these basic needs is key to the future of our city.

Good intentions and gradualism are not enough. As Mayor I will:

It’s time that we use creative thinking, the power of city government, and the Mayor’s voice and influence to finally make our local economy work for those who have been denied dignity and equality for too long.