“I’m Running for Mayor Because I Love Wilmington and I Know We Can Do Better.”

My love for this city drove my decision to run for Mayor of the City of Wilmington. Our city faces unprecedented challenges in the coming years. I have the management skills, compassion for my fellow citizens, and the passion for our beautiful city to do the job at the highest standard.

We must recommit ourselves to applying innovative initiatives and best practices in the areas of:

The residents of Wilmington owe a debt of deepest gratitude to our Mayor Bill Saffo, who has provided strong leadership to our community for many years. His accomplishments are many, and his legacy is one to be proud of.

However, the challenges facing Wilmington now and over the next decade demand a new level of energy, fresh ideas, and action.​

We can no longer be complacent in our policy-making. The stakes are simply too high. We have often overwhelmed our infrastructure, our schools, our utilities and our roadways. We have lost our once pervasive tree canopy and clean waterways, lost almost all green space not designated a park, and put our air and water at greater risk of pollution.

The status quo isn’t working.

Wilmington unfortunately has become a “tale of two cities.” With its rich history and abundant resources, intellectual capital, and ethical resolve, we continue to leave too many behind and disenfranchised. Too many promises have been broken and too many opportunities have been squandered.

We can and will turn the tide.

My promise to every citizen and every neighborhood is that my campaign will be one of optimism and respect, hope and opportunity.